Downtown Mesa T-Shirts

Downtown Mesa T-Shirts

Collect them All!

This is a “collect them all” series with different artists creating a Downtown Mesa themed shirt. The first artist, Mark Matlock, has created a Batman t-shirt. T-shirts are $25 and proceeds go to public art in downtown. There are three styles available: Women’s Tank (Red), Women’s Muscle Tee(Mint) and a Unisex T-shirt(Red, White and Mint). T-Shirts are available for purchase at

                      Adorn Style Lounge, 160 W Main St

matlock-mesabat[1]Downtown Rendezvous, 20 E Main St

Callahan Automotive, 255 W Main St

Gotham City Comics, 46 W Main St

Lulubell Toy Bodega, 120 W Main St

My Darling Dragon, 54 W Main St Suite #3


About the artist:

In 1963 on the south side of Chicago, I was born into art. My maternal uncles and cousins are a mix of illustrators, painters and sculptors, and my father was a master photographer who owned portrait studios in New York and Chicago. At the age of 8 years old I received my first public acknowledgment as an artist in the Chicago Sun-Times. I moved on to study art at the High School of Art & Design in New York. My life as an artist is devote to understanding the nuances of artistic mediums and the human figure. I currently reside in Mesa, Arizona, with my wife Louria.