Changing the Face of Downtown

The Downtown Mesa Association and NEDCO have teamed up to bring the IN FLUX project, a temporary art installation that is meant to add color and vibrancy to downtown areas, to Main Street in Downtown Mesa

“Downtown Mesa is becoming a hub for arts and culture and a real maker’s place where artists come to create and showcase their work. This installation is a great reflection on the direction Downtown is headed and we are excited to be featuring pieces on a number of storefronts on Main Street,” says David Short, Executive Director of the Downtown Mesa Association.

IN flux 2

The IN FLUX initiative, currently operated through the strategic partnership of eleven organizations in Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe was launched by Scottsdale Public Art in 2010 as an initiative for temporary installations in vacant storefronts. The initiative has since continued to expand and gain momentum since its inception, increasing its positive impact on our local communities and our Arizona artists.

Terry Benelli, Executive Director of NEDCO, stated “these types of activities are a part of the larger effort to create a sense of place in Downtown Mesa where neighbors can come together and have pride in their community.”

Jake Early, a Tempe resident and accomplished graphic designer and illustrator, has been chosen to design and install his art during the Cycle 5 phase of the project in Downtown Mesa.

Early’s passion stems from being “…drawn to the concept of poster as public megaphone because I believe strongly in public art and its ability to communicate ideas, transform public spaces, and honor local places and people. My goal is to use my art to fill public space with images that reach a broad audience while honoring the local landscape…In my prints I try to communicate what is both familiar and unfamiliar about the places we live and pass through every day.”

Early’s art installations begin on December 17th and are scheduled to be completed during the 3rd Friday Holiday Festival on December 19th.

Viewing areas of the live installation will be set up at Queen’s Pizzeria and at Lulubell Toy Bodega on the 19th from 6-9pm.

The installations will remain up until October 2015.

Merchants and property owners look forward to implementing more art projects throughout the year and after this project is completed to create vibrancy.

in flux 1
in flux 3


The Downtown Mesa store fronts that will feature this artwork include:

OneOhOne Gallery – 101 West Main Street

12 West – 12 West Main Street

Asylum Records – 108 West Main Street

Desert Eagle Brewing Company – 150 West Main Street

History by George – 129 West Main Street

Justice Trax – 1 West Main Street

Le Studio – 47 West Main Street

LoFi Coffee – 105 West Main Street

Lulubell Toy Bodega – 128 West Main Street

Mesa Arts Center – 1 East Main Street

Milano Music Center – 38 West Main Street

Nebula Vaping Lounge – 58 West Main Street

Zeb Pearce and Sons Companies – 155 West Main Street

Queen’s Pizzeria – 125 West Main Street

Tre Bella –  119 West Main Street


For more information, please contact Downtown Mesa Association Marketing Manager Cori Garcia at (480) 890 2613.

To learn more about IN FLUX please visit their website.