Naysayer Tattoo Opens in Downtown Mesa

Naysayer Tattoo

Downtown Mesa has a new place to get inked!

Although Naysayer Tattoo has operated in Mesa for years, their new location in Downtown Mesa just opened this June and they are making a statement with their beautiful new location. Naysayer is downtown Mesa’s first tattoo parlor and is a great example of downtown Mesa’s direction towards creative expression and an artistic community. The guys from Naysayer decided on downtown Mesa because they saw a growing community of artists and artisans and wanted to be a part of seeing downtown into the busy “hot spot” they know it will become.

Tattoo artists Neil McLeod and Tony Klett have been tattooing for 9 and 12 years, respectively. They are dedicated to creating quality, custom works of art for their customers. The quality of the artists’ tattoos is drawn from their passion for their work. On his favorite part about what he does, Tony says, “I get to draw for a living, what could be better than that?”. Neil enjoys the notion of creating something permanent on someone’s skin where just a few hours prior there was nothing. Customers know that by going to Naysayer Tattoo, they can be sure to walk out with an original piece of work by some of the Valley’s best artists.

Naysayer Tattoo is located at 160 W Main St.

Hours: Mon – Thurs 12-7 PM and Fri – Sat 12-8 PM

Visit their Facebook page at

Instagram: @NaysayerTattooShop